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Security organization

Security organization in Ukraine

Trouble-Shooter agency provides services to ensure physical, technical, economic security for both individuals and businesses. If necessary, it is possible to install stationary 24-hour posts, security alarms, video surveillance, etc. We also provide professional bodyguards and security during events: concerts, exhibitions, congresses.

Security services include:
  • Property protection
  • Personal security — bodyguard service
  • Video monitoring and alarm systems installation

Personal security — bodyguard service

Personal security is an exclusive range of services for VIPs and people who need special protection. We proceed to work only after a thorough and detailed analysis of potential threats. We carry out identification and modeling of potential threats that may occur in the place of residence of the protected person or on their way. A specially trained agent with many years of experience provides personal security. We provide professional personal security services, bodyguard services in Odessa, on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

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