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Prices for private detective services

We are professionals who offer affordable prices for our services. Reward depends on the nature and complexity of the case, the effort spent and the means used to solve the task. All financial matters are discussed with the client in a preliminary interview before the investigation begins.

It should also be emphasized that, despite the fact that some cases seem to be similar, they are never the same, each of them requires an individual approach and reward, so we cannot provide you with a cost assessment before we become acquainted with the specifics of the case. Honesty and transparency in working with the client is our priority.

All service costs are carefully discussed with the client both before and during order implementation. The rate for private detective services is the price of work for each hour, which is recorded in a written report. Expenses for travel, relocation (km) and other non-standard expenses are also taken into account while calculating the cost of a case.

Additional costs agreed with the client: consultations with the client on the contract (free of charge), car operating costs, hotel accommodation costs, reasonable expenses related to the assigned task (if it is necessary to increase expenses, the amount of increase is agreed with the client).

Prices for detective services in Odessa are calculated individually

Детектив в Одессе цена
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