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Detective agency services

We offer professional detective agency services in Odessa, on the territory of Ukraine and other countries. The services are: search for people (hiding or missing), search for witnesses, hidden photo and video surveillance, lie detector test, corporate security providing, investigation of criminal offenses and administrative offenses, protection of individuals and legal entities, checking real estate, restoring the genealogical tree, qualified legal and psychological support. Here below, there is a full list of services of the Trouble-Shooter detective agency.


услуга1 Solving non-standard tasks using creative combinations услуга1 Conducting surveillance услуга1 Marital infidelity investigation услуга1 Collecting information regarding individuals and legal entities услуга1 Search for people (missing, hiding, searching for relatives, etc.) услуга1 Conducting a criminal investigation услуга1 Individuals criminal record and other compromising information checks услуга1 Individual lie detector check услуга1 Legal entities and individuals security organization услуга1 Checking rooms and cars for audio and video recording tools услуга1 Conducting expert studies услуга1 Help in the search for a stolen car услуга1 Investigation of crimes on the Internet услуга1 Legal assistance услуга1 Checking the property услуга1 Psychological support услуга1 Conducting work on problem debts услуга1 Help in restoring the genealogical tree услуга1 Checking a business partner or counterparty

Do you run your business and need information about other companies? Don’t want to become a victim of unfair competition practices? Perhaps you doubt the honesty of your employees and efficiency of their duty performance. If someone’s behavior seems suspicious to you, perhaps you should take a closer look. Using the services of the detective agency, you will learn the truth about a close person. Check your wife or husband for treason, check the way of life of your children. The private detective will perform background checks for your company, conduct asset testing, help in collecting evidence for litigation, expose marriage scams, find an Internet scam, extortionist, blackmailer, check your car or room for eavesdropping devices, etc. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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