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Private detective services in Odessa

detective in Odessa
Trouble-Shooter detective agency provides private detective services in Odessa, Odessa region as well as on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Trouble-Shooter is a member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives and this is a guarantee of high professionalism and supreme quality of the executed work.
Trouble-Shooter also is a member of the International Police Association, that is to say, reliability and honesty of the agency’s employees are proved. Trouble-Shooter provides clients with an individual approach and an optimal solution to the problem as well as strict confidentiality. Constant cooperation with colleagues from the detective agencies of Europe and Asia ensures the ability to perform service outside Ukraine. The private detective in Odessa provides services strictly in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives
International Police Association

What skills shall a professional private detective have?

A good detective shall provide full satisfaction as well as all the necessary information to the customer, not missing out the slightest details. If you are looking for a detective agency or you need the services of a private detective in Odessa, the services of those who will be able to investigate on the territory of Ukraine and other countries, so we urge you to trust the professionals!
The key factor in choosing a detective shall be a previous experience, an impeccable reputation, a corresponding education, and, of course, his qualification must be proved in practice. His periodic reports of the current progress shall make it possible for the client to be in touch with the investigation process. Hiring a private detective, you want to be sure that the appointed task will be completed, and the result will justify all costs.
We want to assure you that our private detective in Odessa is a reliable professional. For a free consultation on your case, please feel free to contact us by phone number below. We guarantee complete confidentiality.
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Максим М. cosanostrajeans@gmail.com

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Many thanks to the staff of the detective agency Trouble-Shooter, and in particular to Alexander! In May 2017, my father became a victim of a burglary at his apartment. A thief took many valuable things away. We immediately went to the police. Though the police reacted quickly, there was no result. I asked the detectives of the agency to help and within two weeks, all the circumstances of the theft were clarified and the thief was found. Money had already been spent by that time, but all the valuable things were returned. Thank you!

Aнна sarab2007@ukr.net

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