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Search for Internet scammers

Today, people spend a lot of time with various kinds of gadgets and computers with Internet access. In the global network, you can do many things: get acquainted with interesting people, discuss vital issues, buy and sell something, build a business, etc. Often, people, we build relationships with or make transactions on the Internet deceive. Such deceptions can be both innocent and cause significant harm to well-being and reputation. Trouble-Shooter cyber-security specialists have a lot of experience in this field and are ready to help. A full complex of investigations with the involvement of Internet investigations is also required in some situations.

Revealing an Internet scammer

Search for Internet scammersThe Internet is a great tool that has taken root in our daily lives. We use it to keep in touch with friends, conduct business, find products and services, training and much more. Despite this, the Internet is also a source of earnings for scammers and organized crime that operate unnoticedly for the average user.

There are many ways to lure your money through the Internet. Such people can sell something (at a very good price) on free bulletin boards, especially on OLX. Alternatively, people who introduce themselves as bank employees can contact you and after a few introductory questions, they will ask for your card details. They can be very persuasive and demand not to hesitate with the answer since this (supposedly) depends on the safety of your money.

In any case, never tell unknown persons the information about yourself or your bank card (account number, CV2 code), do not send documents confirming your identity by e-mail, especially passport data and TIN. Banks also do not send emails that ask you to confirm your account number and password.

Dishonest company’s employee identification

Employees who believe that they are treated unfairly can lead to a system shutdown or to industrial espionage. Our cyber-detective would identify and bring them to justice. Law enforcement authorities can use the services of tracking the owners of websites and servers used in criminal activities. Thanks to our work, a criminal who thinks he is completely anonymous becomes completely reachable.

Sometimes employees of the company can deliberately bring losses to a company by deleting or encrypting files. In such cases, the computer investigation detective can recover these files and track the employee who committed the crime.

If you are a victim of a scammer on the Internet and want to return your money or punish the offender, do not hesitate with the actions, call us for a free consultation. Detective agency Trouble-Shooter has extensive experience in fighting cybercrime and has its own computer forensic team, which engages in data recovery, detection and search for scammers on the Internet.

Search for Internet scammers

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