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Help in the search for a stolen car

Help in the search for a stolen carThe crime situation in our country is intensely deteriorating. Thousands of illegal actions are committed against citizens every day. In particular, car theft. The Trouble-Shooter detective agency strongly recommends you to contact the law enforcement bodies if you become a victim or a witness to a crime. However, our specialists, in turn, are ready to help promptly and professionally in this matter and carry out a number of necessary steps aimed at tracing criminals and stolen property.

Thanks to professional methods, our detectives can determine where the missing car or motorcycle is. The task of the private detective is also to find the perpetrator of the crime, as well as to ensure proper protection of the stolen property.

In the course of the investigation, we can also collect material evidence that can be useful in possible court sessions. If necessary, we can produce audio, video or photo recording. Each detective works professionally and as inconspicuously as possible.

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Help in the search for a stolen car – Trouble-Shooter