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Collection of information regarding individuals and legal entities

This type of service implies the collection and processing both individuals and legal entities data using the existing information bases in Ukraine and other countries. In addition, it is carried out by conducting a reconnaissance conversation, secret polling, etc. The Trouble-Shooter detective agency performs quick and accurate investigations of individuals and legal entities using all legal means. Experienced detectives and a wide network of contacts allow us to perform our tasks in the most effective way to collect the necessary information.

In what cases are information collection activities necessary?

Collection of informationSome people who come to us are involved in litigation, and some of them are in an intimate online relationship, others consider a business partnership or are concerned about a new partner of a family member, while some just want to clarify whether someone is honest or not.

In other cases, property owners want to know more about potential tenants, or employers want to know more about potential employees. Asset verification is a special type of information gathering, in which search focuses on a person’s financial assets. We know how to collect the maximum amount of information about a person while maintaining secrecy.

A private detective shall have excellent surveillance skills and an analytical mind. Our specialists use numerous methods of surveillance and investigation to collect accurate information during the investigation process. Detectives can work independently and cooperate with police services, companies and organizations. If you need to collect information about individuals and legal entities, please feel free to contact us. We guarantee your confidentiality in any case, and the inspected person will never know about our activities.

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