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Audio interception and bug check

In the life of a business person, at some point in life, there may be reasons to believe that someone is interested in his activity. It can be business partners, business rivals or closer people.

If you have such suspicions, the specialists of the Odessa Trouble-Shooter independent detective agency are ready to help you sort things out and will conduct a thorough check for the presence of video and audio recording devices (bugs) in private homes, apartments, offices, cars, digital devices: telephones, smartphones, laptops, etc.

Eavesdropping devices detection in the office of the company

Eavesdropping is the most common illegal method of obtaining information. In particular, people who run companies should be especially cautious, because with the help of illegal wiretapping third parties can get your important data on development plans, information on contractors, company structures or find out commercial secrets.

Eavesdropping is a frequent element of the “dirty game” of whose entrepreneurs who, in order to obtain the competitor’s valuable business information make illegal and unethical decisions. Eavesdropping devices can be found in private homes and apartments, in cars, in the offices, in production halls and various kinds of premises, as well as in digital devices and software.

Responsible business behavior requires the protection of the most sensitive data, the leakage of which can lead to serious damage or even to the loss of your main source of income. It is especially important to secure the rooms from listening devices in law firms, for which the confidentiality of customer data is the most important task. The leaking of this kind of information destroys customer’s confidence. The audio interception and bug check conducted by a private detective in Odessa will provide you a safe place for private conversations

Search for wiretapping in private homes and cars

Spouses who suspect infidelity or are at the divorce stage are often eager to eavesdrop or peep at their partner in order to gather evidence for the future trial of property division and child custody. In such cases, it will also be worth checking the bug presence at home or in a car, and tracking programs in a phone, laptop, and other digital devices.

Experts in the field of computer forensics with the help of professional equipment detect eavesdropping devices. The prepared report is legal evidence and can be submitted to the court or the police. The equipment available in the detective agency allows us to detect both digital and analog bugs, inactive or active, as well as GPS locators.

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