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An independent criminal investigation

Specialists of the Trouble-Shooter agency are experienced detectives and retired state investigators with extensive experience. They can take a number of necessary actions to obtain the desired result quickly and efficiently. If you need an independent investigation of a crime, use the services of a private detective agency in Odessa (Ukraine).

Trouble-Shooter agency always recommends you to contact the law enforcement bodies with such issues. For our part, we can conduct an independent investigation and assist in the work of law enforcement agencies.

Having experience in the field of forensics, evidence gathering and investigation of crimes, our team is ready to help you with a wide range of legal and fact-finding cases. Whatever your reason, we are always ready to help you without breaking the law.

What kind of investigations do we conduct?

Theft of personal property or personal data, blackmail, harassment, threats, any kind of fraud, investigations of corruption, criminal investigations, administrative violations, etc. For many years, we have helped various clients, both legal entities, and individuals. Our rich experience, access to the latest technologies and a deep understanding of the essence of our work always help us to achieve the goal!

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An independent criminal investigation – Trouble-Shooter