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Help in restoring the genealogical tree

Help in restoring the genealogical tree in Ukraine

Would you like to know more about your genealogy and pedigree? Disclose family secrets, document and link the past with the present? Detective agency Trouble-Shooter will help you to restore missing information about kinship ties and fill in the missing links of the genealogical tree. In order not to lose one’s roots, it is necessary to respect the history of your family and transmit the family history to the posterity.

The price for the search for one document is determined individually and is based on the analysis of the information provided by the client, but in most cases, we can determine in advance the approximate cost of building your family tree.

We can begin the research after obtaining the basic data about the family: surnames, names, dates of birth, dates of weddings, dates of deaths, residences, etc. We will also need to make some copies of the documents.

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