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Checking an individual on a lie detector test

Checking on a polygraph (lie detector test) will help you to find out clearly wheather the person is lying or not. However, it is worth mentioning that no one has the right to force a person to take a lie detector test. The person to be tested must give his/her voluntary consent to the test.

The test equipment gives a signal about the person’s reaction to a particular question, and then this signal must be interpreted correctly. The Trouble-Shooter agency conducts this kind of testing with the involvement of specialists who know how to prepare a plan sequence of the necessary questions for checking, check the person on the lie detector and spell out the results of the test correctly.

lie detector test in Ukraine

First of all, the polygraph is useful in investigating personal and internal disputes. The specialists ask control questions to receive autonomous physical signs in order to analyze the reliability of the person’s answers.

How accurate is the lie detector test?

Polygraph testing gives a truthful result in 90% of cases, 10% of doubts are based on the reliability of the test, because some people believe that they can “deceive” the polygraph by manipulating their own physical reactions.

There are also occasional false positives, as the physiological signs of anxiety can appear not only as a sign of guilt, but also as a sign of unconscious concern for the procedure. Despite some of its shortcomings, the polygraph is widely used throughout the world. In conjunction with skillful hands, this is a useful tool for crime investigation.

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Checking an individual on a lie detector test – Trouble-Shooter